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March 14, 2012     Coquille Valley Sentinel
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March 14, 2012

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March 14, 2012 The Sentinel Page 3 Letters Letters To the Editor, Regarding the recent layoffs at the Coos County Solid Waste facility the reduction in force is not likely to save the county any money and may cost the county badly needed revenue. Our revenue is made at the scale when commercial haulers and private citizens bring their garbage to the site. No revenue is generated when either storing or incinerating trash. Additional revenue is made through the metal recla- mation but the process requires a full staff and occasional tem- porary help. On Monday march 5th five of us worked on the metal shaker (four of whom were laid off on March 6th) and we were able to recover five 10 yard dump truck loads of metal in six hours. In six hours at today's recycle prices, metal reclamation earned enough to pay our wages for a week. Commissioner Parry is quoted as saying the layoffs were necessary because costs are too high with the incinera- tor idled, but not running the incinerator reduces costs slight- ly, costs do not increase. In fact, the plant is currently stor- ing the garbage it receives, and has the ability to store two to three weeks worth, so there are no incineration costs, and the plant is actually gaining rev- enue. It will not be until we have to start trucking garbage to a landfill that we will see a negative impact. It is my belief that the cost of incineration and the cost of transporting raw waste to a landfill are currently about the same; however rising fuel costs are only going to increase the cost of transporting raw garbage making incineration more cost effective. One only has to look at the mountains of raw waste being created at sites like Short Mountain and ColTm Butte landfills to see the bene- fit of incineration with regard to both volume and long term environmental effect. Incineration reduces volume by 90% and converts the waste to ash, which has amounted to one and a half mounds of ash in the last 30 years at the Beaver Hill facility. Mr. Messerle's claim, endorsed by Mr. Parry, that the Solid Waste facility is losing $30 to $50k per month, can be attributed to a lack of action by the commission. The board has FINALLY admitted what I had been telling them for more than a year, the shortfall is due to the refusal of one commercial customer to abide by their con- tractual obligation. Finally Mr. Parry's asser- tion that laying off four Solid Waste employees will save the county money is 180 degrees off the mark. For more than 17 years the Solid Waste facility has been self funding, and while a budget is submitted every year, NO general fund monies have been needed to support the operation or it employees, that is until this layoff. For the first time since the facility was upgraded the county general fund will be responsible for covering the unemployment wages of the laid off workers. The current situation with Solid Waste is just the latest example of missed opportuni- ties and misguided decisions that seem to be the routine with this commission; whether deliberate or just misinformed. Correcting this type of mis- management of county assets and services is one of the rea- sons I made the decision to run for commissioner. My extensive accounting and budget experience, taught me to use a cost benefit approach to decision making and just as I have done here I will do the research, study the information, and make fact based decisions to best benefit all the citizens of Coos County. Randy Sanne, candidate for Coos County Commission, Position 1 Dear Editor, Last week's letter from Carol Ann Clark about the poor taste "humor" story in the spiritual page of Feb. 29 gave us great hope that finally somebody is paying attention to the rest us that don't see life through the eyes of organized religion. We are ethical and compassionate people who don't need a sup- posed supreme being or big daddy to scare us into acting in a peaceful manner. We are also not afraid of our own death enough to pretend that there is some place better for us after we die. We try to make heaven on earth. It was insulting and disturbing that your paper printed a story that considered it "humorous" that someone who doesn't believe would be attacked and eaten. But religion has a way of turning all that love into intolerance and hate. Like all powerful institutions, it is self-serving and jealous. It doesn't like independant thinkers or people who see no need to donate to its coffers. So we wbuld like to thafik Ms. Clark publically for speak- lng 'dr ffie res of us but also to warn her and others that for eons the church has struck out at not only atheists but those who believed in other gods. The christians burned as many Wiccans and poor defenseless cats as it could get. It's really difficult to forget the Inquisition, either. Organized religion, mainly the Christians, made sure that the native Americans didn't practice their religion, either. Some of them are not too different from the Taliban. If you deny their strongly held beliefs, they take it as an insult and work up a frenzy of fear that can drive you right out of town or worse. NEW LISTING Nancy Shin Coquille Official job discription COOS COUNTY COMMISSIONER GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Directs and coordinates as a member of the Board of County Commissioners the business of the county government as prescribed by Oregon Revised Statutes; does related work as required. SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works with responsibility directly to the electorate. SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Exercises supervision over a large number of appointed, non-elec- tive employees and department heads. EXAMPLES OF PRINCIPAL DUTIES: An employee in this classification will perform any or all of the following duties. However, these examples do not include all the specific tasks which an employee may be expected to perform. 1. Serves, on a rotation basis with the other Commissioners, as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners and in this capacity presides over meeting of the board; assists in the coordination of board responsibilities. 2. Acts as a member of the County Budget Committee in the preparation of County budget; estimates and determines amount of revenue required; levies rates necessary for appropriation of funds; supervises all county financing. 3. Appoints and employs the County Engineering perspnnel and assists in the planning and supervision of the construction and maintenance and repair of all county roads and bridges; directs purchase of equipment and rights-of-way. 4. Appoints and employs the Director of Parks and Director of Lands and Forests and assists in the planning, supervision and construction of all County Parks, approves or disapproves purchase of land, land exchanges, land leases and timber sales, directs purchase of equipment and contracts for building and/or repairs. 5. Approves or disapproves all county purchases, payrolls, con- tracts, deeds, leases and acquisitions whether real or personal property with the exception of certain business transactions which are taken care of by some departments of county government pur- suant to state law. 6. Appoints such county boards and commissions as Planning Commission, Dog Control Board, Fair Board, etc. 7. Supervises all county property provides for the erection, repair and usage of county buildings. 8. Establishes, vacates or alters county roads within the county. 9. Grants licenses and controls licenses as authorized by state law. 10. Directs expenditure of funds for promotion of county resources including county membership in travel, recreational and industrial organizations. 11. From time to time, meets with cities within the county, adjoining counties, state and government officials in matters of coordination, cooperation and matters of policy at various levels of government and for the purpose of agreements relating to land and water uses, cooperative projects, and matters of mutual interest; meets with school boards and various other boards and organizations in matters of local interest. 12. Appoints County Health Officer who, in turn, outlines and places in effect a health program as advocated by the State Health Division. RECRUITING REQUIREMENTS KNOWLEDC, SKILL IIdTY: .......... Thorough knowledge of county government organization, powers and function and relationships with other governmental jurisdic- tions; thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of pub- lic administration, particularly as applied to the management of diversified county governmental services; thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of public budgeting, finance, report- ing and personnel management; considerable ability and skill in establishing and maintaining cooperative and harmonious work- ing relationships with county administrative officials and employ- ees, representatives of business and government organizations and the general public; ability to appraise the quality of varied munici- pal services through inspection and review of work reports and to develop and effectively initiate improvement in management methods; ability to speak effectively before varied groups. 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Having three positions up for election and fifteen candidates running for the office will certainly be an interesting situation. Some people have concerns because they don't believe some of the candidates have any concept of how county government is structured or what the Commissioner's responsibilities and duties are. So if I were to recommend anything to a candidate, I would tell them to go to Oregon Attorney's General's Web sight and get a copy and read "A Quick Reference Guide to Oregon's Public Meeting Laws" and In addition, i would recommend getting copies of Responsibilities and Duties of Oregon County Commissioners. I would also highly recommend that all candidates running for County Commissioner attend County Commissioner Board Meetings and read the Commissioners job description which is printed on this page of The Sentinel. When I ran for Commissioner the first time I did not win, however, I used my vacation time and went to board meetings almost every week for four years and it was a tremendous help when I was elected. I was asked to take part in a program for women for the local Zonta on October 22, 2011 and my part was to discuss campaign- ing and encourage women to run for office. Since I had been out of circulation for almost ten years it was very stressful. However, after reworking the presentation three times I was satisfied that it would be ok and it was. After I finished the first worksheet, I was discussing it on skype with my granddaughter in New Zealand. She said, "My gosh Grandma that sounds like the 5 Fs of campaigning'. I thought that was a great idea and so my presentation was titled The 5 Fs of campaigning: FILING-FUNDING-FORUMS-FRUSTRATION-FUN FILING for the Primary has passed, however, it is important to remember to meet the deadlines in order to be eligible. You can get the filing forms and instructions from the appropriate public body. When I was in charge of the elections in Coos County the State provided fantastic manuals for the candidates and they were really great. However, all of the information is available on the Secretary of State's web sight. I am sure this has saved thousands of dollars in printing costs. It is also important to remember not to accept or spend any contributions until you have filed for office. FUNDING was difficult for me because it was embarrassing to ask for contributions and help the first time I campaigned. What I learned is your supporters will come through for you if they are asked. I did much better the second time I ran. You need funds for advertising and signs. To save money, we made our signs because we could get cheap plywood. They were easily seen because they were square or round in canary yellow and black print---they really were kind of funny looking but they lasted through five campaigns and everyone knew they were mine. Depending on the office, it helps a lot if you have a really good manager and secretary. If they do a good job it takes a lot of pres- sure off of you and gives you more time to get out and about. You can pay your own expenses, request contributions or have fund raisers. It is extremely important that you keep excellent records of your contributions and expenditures, according to elec- tion laws. We found it was much better to put every cent in the bank and pay all expenses by check. If you pay cash for some- thing you can be reimbursed by turning your receipt into your treasurer. Compiling a list of names and address of your support- ers to use to contact them for help and contributions is a must. FORUMS were the hardest for me because I was told, "Don't toot your own horn" and, "If there is something good to say about me someone else would say it". So, trying to sell myself was very difficult but, I got through them and so will you. The forums are very important because the news media and TV reporters are there and they provide you with a lot of free expo- sure. Before a forum: 1. Define the reasons you are wanting to serve and your goals. 2. Define your skills for the position. 3.DO NOT MUMBLE--speak clearly and loud enough to be heard,--4. Know what you are speaking about as someone in the audience will know if you don't and that can hurt you. You may not be the best speaker at the forum but if you are honest and straight forward it will be recognized and that will help you. In my first campaign a very nice gentleman told me to remem- ber that I was running FOR an office NOT AGAINST ANYONE and to conduct a very positive campaign as voters do not like negative campaigning. I was very grateful for his advice and I always remembered what he said. Tell the voters what you believe you can do for the them. DO NOT CRITICIZE OTHER CANDI- DATES it just makes you look bad. FRUSTRATIONS you could have are when people are sup- porting other candidates and they say things that are not true about you. It is also frustrating to hold a job, take care of your family and work in all of the campaigning. It is even harder for your family to put up with the negative comments people make about you. You really have to be thick skinned to be a politician, and even when people say they are not a politician they really are. FUN-FUN-FUN Yes you can have a lot of fun participating in all of the summer parades and meeting all the people that attend. The more active you are the more recognition you get. Just remember there is only one winner and if you are meant to hold position you will win. My own personal philosophy is that GOD puts where we are suppose to be and when he does, with HIS help, we are suppose to do the best we can.