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March 14, 2012     Coquille Valley Sentinel
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March 14, 2012

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Page 8 The Sentinel March 14, 2012 by Lowell Thomas Coquille usually comes to life slowly each weekday. Normally the downtown area traffic begins between 5:00 and 6:00 AM with the appearance of the "regulars" at Frazers showing up for their morning coffee or tea. They are soon followed by folks stopping by to get donuts or other baked goodies to take into their work places. Coquille rarely gets substantial snow, but did early this week. On Tuesday morning someone had opened some of our streets with a snow plow, so it was possible for the early morning regulars to get out as usual. Apparently someone in either the County Road Department of ODOT got up extra early to do a good deed for Coquille. However, the entire downtown was like a ghost town with no street lights, darkened windows and no vehicles parked along First Street when I arrived for our usual Tuesday morning men's group bible study at Fraxiers. Clearly, coming to life in our city was going to be different for at least one day. Days like this once in a while help us appreciate how spoiled we have become with our "normal" weather. Continuing reasonable weather (except for this Tuesday) has enabled the comrhunity center pool construction project to progress on schedule.. Excavating has removed the old pool, dug the equipment pits both inside the pool house building and near the location of the former pump house and poured concrete walls around both pits. After the forms were removed the rest of the backfill materials were put in place. Now the actual pool shell installation is under way and the shape of the new pool has appeared. The pool "shot-crete" specialist contractor's personnel have been here for a few of weeks getting forms, under pool shell piping, re-bar and other under the pool items in place. Shortly they will be ready to spray the concrete "slurry" to form the pool shell itself. The prime contractor's project manager assures the pool committee that the pool will be ready for it official opening on June 13. Although it appears that adequate funds have been raised to complete the pool project, the pool committee acknowledges that unforseen things still crop up, so they continue fund raising to provide a financial cushion against the "unexpected".. Design of the donor recognition tree is under way, but will need some addi- tional funds to produce. The committee urges the public to con- tinue providing local support for the project. Individual, tax deductible contributions may be sent to Operation Coquille, Inc. at PO Box 525, Coquille, OR, 97423 or brought in to Judy Gederos at Judy's New Image at the comer of 6th and Central. The River Walk project does not yet have enough funds to complote the propose multi-use recreational trail, so it needs addi- tional community support. The public can support it by buying memorial bricks. Purchase forms are available at the community center and at city hall. The unpaved, cleared sections of the trail have been seeing extensive use for several years, but until this trail is completed, the safety of many pedestrians using other routes will continue to be risky. It is again time for citizens who appreciate hanging flower baskets to send in their contributions. This project is entirely sup- ported by local business and individual contributions. Planting of the baskets will happen in a few weeks. The planted baskets will then be placed in the special plastic covered structures behind Coquille Garden to fill out before they are hung in late May. Replanting of the sidewalk planters in the downtown area is also being planned for May. Tax deductible contributions to fund this year's expenses for the community pool, hanging flower baskets, girls softball club, and other community beautification projects are needed and may be sent to Operation Coquille, Inc., P O Box 525, Coquille, OR, 97423. Dan Wooldriclge Broker Cell 541-297-4877 Fax 541.396-3532 danw@century21.corn Beta Realty 55 E, 1st Coquille OR 97423 Over 5 acre parcel on the edge of wn. Private and secluded feel, Immaculate 2549 sq fi, 3 bed/2bath 1 level home, 18X21 pole bam plus oth oJtbuiirgs, creek. 3 car garage, work shop;too4 shed This is a mus see home and property neat, clean, and ready for yoJ to move rjht on in. Paved turn arnd for your horse trailer or RV. and plenty of room to ream! $295,000 Get a FREE Reverse Mortgage Guide and Home Equity Review! ONE SMART CALL Must be at least62 years old and own your home. Call Us Today! 800.243.0796 aoa]m oama mPamw Ore,n - ticl., r,L 35t ! :.-'33i i Oilu Ik,,.:j e M..:', i,l : What's Going On Around the Great State of Oregon... VIEW FROM THE GRASSROOTS by Rick Hoffine Former Utah Supreme Court Justice and Chicago Law School professor, Dallin H. Oaks gave this speech in 1987 in Provo, Utah. He continues his discourse on the "great fundamentals" of the US Constitution, numbers 4 and 5. 4. Popular sovereignty. Perhaps the most important of the great fundamentals of the inspired Constitution is the principle of popu- lar sovereignty: The people are the source of government power. Many religious people affirm that God gave the power to the peo- pl e, and the people consented to a constitution that delegated cer- tain powers to the government. Sovereignty is not inherent in a state or nation just because it has the power that comes from force of arms. Sovereignty does not come from the divine right of a king, who grants his subjects such power as he pleases or is forced to concede, as in Magna Charta. The sovereign power is in the people. In other words, the most desirable condition for the effective exercise of God-given moral agency is a condition of maximum freedom and responsibility. In this condition men are accountable for their own sins and cannot blame their political conditions on their bondage to a king or a tyrant. This condition is achieved when the people are sovereign, as they are under the Constitution God established in the United States. From this it follows that the most important words in the United States Constitution are the words in the preamble: "We, the people of the United States ... do ordain and establish this Constitution." Ezra Taft Benson exp:essed the fundamental principle of popu- lar sovereignty when he ;aid, "We [the people] are superior to government and should remain master over it, not the other way around." Popular sovereignty necessarily implies popular responsibility. Instead of blaming their troubles on a king or other sovereign, all citizens must share the burdens and responsibilities of governing. J. Reuben Clark's third great fundamental was the equality of all men before the law. I believe that to be a corollary of popular sovereignty. When power comes from the people, there is no legitimacy in legal castes or classes or in failing to provide all cit- izens the equal protection of the laws. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention did not origi- nate the idea of popular sovereignty, since they lived in a century when many philosophers had argued that political power originat- ed in a social contract. But the United States Constitution provid- ed the first implementation of this principle. After two centuries in which Americans may have taken popular sovereignty for granted, it is helpful to be reminded of the difficulties in that pio- neering effort. To begin with, a direct democracy was impractical for a coun- try of four million people and about a half million square miles. As a result, the delegates had to design the structure of a constitu- tional, representative democracy, what they called "a Republican Form of Government." The delegates also had to resolve whether a constitution adopt- ed by popular sovereignty could be amended, and if so, how. Finally, the delegates had to decide how minority rights could be protected when the government was, by definition, controlled by the majority of the sovereign people. A government based on popular sovereignty must be respon- sive to the people, but itmust also be stable or it cannot govern. A constitution must therefore give government the power to with- stand the cries of a majority of the people in the short run, though it must obviously be subject to their direction in the long run. Without some government stability against an outraged majority, government could not protect minority rights. As Clark declared: "The Constitution was framed in order to protect minorities. That is the purpose of written constitutions. In order that the minorities might be protected in the matter of amendments under our Constitution, the Lord required that the amendments should be made only through the operation of very large majorities--two- thirds for action in the Senate, and three-fourths as among the states. This is the inspired, prescribed order." The delegates to the Constitutional Convention achieved the required balance between popular sovereignty and stability through a power of amendment that was ultimately available but deliberately slow. Only in this way could the government have the certainty of stability, the protection of minority rights, and the potential of change, all at the same time. To summarize, I see divine inspiration in these four great fun- damentals of the U.S. Constitution: 1. The separation of powers in the three branches of gov- ernment; 2. The Bill of Rights; 3. The division of powers between the states and the federal government; and 4. The application of popular sovereignty. 5. The role of law and not of men. Further, there is divine inspi- ration in the fundamental underlying premise of this whole consti- tutional order. All the blessings enjoyed under the United States Constitution are dependent upon the rule of law. That is why J. Reuben Clark said, "Our allegiance run[s] to the Constitution and to the principles which it embodies, and not to individuals." The rule of law is the basis of liberty. The self-control by which citi- zens subject themselves to law strengthens the freedom of all citi- zens and honors the divinely inspired Constitution. --TO BE CONTINUED With ONE Call, You Can Now Reach As Many As 1.3 Million People! It euri ,inlb but Ws tree. WHh the On,on Cled/lverli Nk. tpu e-on I pu -wenl ed in 18 de end Now that's  ooveral -q4-197, exq. 24 MERKLEY ANNOUNCES LEGISLATION TO CRACK DOWN ON PAYDAY LENDERS Senator calls on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to close loopholes and establish rules for payday lenders Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley today announced his intent to introduce federal payday legislation to establish strong rules for payday lenders and close loopholes on online and offshore payday lending sites. Today, Merkley also sent a letter to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray to call on him to take action against payday lenders. "Millions of Americans are affected by the abusive and decep- tive payday lending practices across our country and over the interact," said Merkley. "While Oregon is lucky to have state leg- islation in place to stop the worse practices, there are still loop- holes and offshore websites that are dragging Oregon families into black holes of debt. We have to bring order to the Wild West of the lending market." While visiting with consumer advocates in North Portland today, Senator Merkley outlined steps that should be taken to rein in deceptive payday lending practices and close loopholes by online and offshore websites. Elements of the legislation that Merkley will be introducing include: Requiring greater disclosure for online websites that mask the true identity of the lender and ending abusive practices that pro- vide data to payday lenders and debt collectors that defraud con- sumers in paying debts they do not owe; Closing loopholes and other measures to rein in offshore pay- day lenders that can drain bank accounts without consumers hav- ing the ability to stop them; Making sure that all banks and insured depository institutions are supporting healthy banking practices. Senator Merldey was joined at today's event by representa- tives of Economic Fairness Oregon and Innovative Changes. "It's an unfortunate truth that each time we fred a way to help people hang on to more of their money, there's a new tactic or seam aimed to strip them of it," said Angela Martin, executive director of consumer advocacy non-profit Economic Fairness Oregon. "This is why it is so important for us to have strong and vigilant leadership on issues of consumer protection." As speaker of the Oregon House in 2007, Senator Merkley led the effort to protect consumers against abuses by the payday lend- ing industry by imposing an interest rate cap of 36% on all con- sumer finance loans and limiting rollovers of short-term loans. i : , ; :::: ;:: To all Coos County voters! So there aren't any misunderstandings, the Coos County Commissioner Position 3 Candidate Forum on March 21st is just that! For Position 3. The forum, being held at the ESD Building at 1350 Teakwood Ave., Coos Bay, will feature candidates answering questions and expressing their heartfelt vision and goals for Coos County. There are six candidates running for Position 3, a two-year office on the Board of Commissioners. They are: Rickey Wiley, Don Beebe, Melissa Cribbins, Don Gurney, Dale Pennie, and Mary Loiselle. This becomes our chance to see these individuals in a live setting responding to the concerns we have as county residents. We, The Great Citizens of Coos County love our county as a place to live and thrive, and to see our children and grandchildren do the same. Don't miss it! "Big Daddy" will be there to feed us at 5:30PM - donations accepted. His "world-renowned" recipes have kept folks coming back time and time again. Feel free yourselves to bring "potluck" style additions to the meal. Meeting will start at 6PM. Furthermore, in the month of April AFP-Coos Co. will conduct Commissioner Candidate Forums for Position 2 and Position 1. April 12th will be the Position 2 forum and April 18th will commence the Position 1 forum. Kind Regards, Rick Hoffine I : ill ili ,illi; i .... , : :: i ;ii ;i;iiiii, - , Southern Oregon Coast- Nonprofit Board Member Training Board members of nonprofit organizations and their advisors are invited to participate in "Nonprofit Organization Board Training" being presented on Saturday, March 31, 2012, at Jot's Resort, Gold Beach, Oregon. This popular Financial Stewardship Resources, Inc. training begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:00 p.m. The opening presentation on Attorney General's Guidance on Board Service is being presented by the Chief Investigator of the Oregon Department of Justice. Practical workshops will address: Nonprofit Governing Documents; Funding Raising 101; Understanding Financial Information; Board Recruitment and Retention; Writing Financial Policies; and, the Board and Executive Director Relationship. Event registration includes lunch, refreshment breaks and handout materials. A special registration discount is provided by The Ford Family Foundation for Ford Institute Leadership Graduates/Effective Organization Participants. Early registration discounts until March 15, 2012.