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July 1, 1971     Coquille Valley Sentinel
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July 1, 1971

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Page 6-C COQUILLE VALLEY SENTINEL Thursday, July I, City In Action , KE with immediate delivery $2976.77 delivery with in 30 m m days. Southwestern Motors - $2816.25 if vehicle can be loc- C01N This regular meeting of ler . ated in this zone. the Courts, was to change the torney Slack Council was called to order by classification of trailer courts Chief of Police Daaiels re- Harmon moved to accept the Mayor Mason. Councilmen pre-from Residential to Multiple ported forming an Explorer low bid of Southwestern Motors CAP sent were Miller Kuyper, An- Dwelling. The number of Scout Troup sponsored by the if the vehicle is available within draws, Bryan, and Harmon. trailers would be counted on the Coquille Police Department. At three days, if not, to authorize Others present were City day of reading meters only. present there are 12 members, the City Manager to accept an Manage r Hall City Attorney Miller moved to accept and Further reports to follow, alternate bid. Bryan seconded Slack, City Treasurer-Account approve the recommendation of. .... .The Council discussed Don and the motion carried. B Y KEN Clerk Strain, City Recorder the Water Committee retroac- EmerichPs request to purchase Discussion of the localoption Two weeks ago I Drymple, Parks and Recrea- tire to April 15. Harmon sec- a parcel of land at the end of vehicle license fee was held coin seigrdorage; tlon Director Combs, Chief of onded and the motion carried. East 3rd Street just below me over to the next meeting, write about Police Danlels, and Public City Manager Hall reported old City Dump. This land is Chief of Police Danlels ran- age. Works Superintendent Christo- on the Planning Commission appraised at $200. The City awed his request for a narcot- For the son. meeting of June 8, 1971, rain- Manager was requested to pro- ics ordinance. Slack felt that of Engraving and The minutes of the previous utes of which ate made a part cure more details for presen- tkls matter should be handled (BEP), to produce meeting were approved as sub- hereof by reference. Hall noted ration at the next meeting, as a felony through the District the total anticipated mated lthout a reading on that thecommissionhadrecom- City Attorney Slack pre- Attorney's office. Miller moved fiscal 1972 is $7.65. motion by Bryan and second by mended that an election be held sented an Ordinance proposed to to accept Chief Daniel's re- for the past 20 Andrews. concerning annexation of the be numbered 836 dispensing quest. The motion died for lack 1952 when the cost City Manager Hall presen- Hyde-Brudos property west of with an election within the City of a second. The Council $9.95 per l000 ted a letter from the City of town. and setting a date for a Public noted, however, that when ade- modernized Coos Bay extending an invl- Mason reported on the last Hearing on July 19. This or- fendant was convicted of anar- this and soon ration for representatives of the C.C.C.O.G. meeting held in dinance concerns the Hamil- cotic charge, the sentences se- printing t City of Coquille to attend the Lakeside, minutes of which are ton property in Knowlton Hel- emed too lenient. The Council cut It even more. dedication of their new family made a part hereo f by re- ghts. Bryan moved, seconded will continue to watch police reject rate is 3.5%. neighborhood facility, July 7, ference. Mason stated that a by Kuyper to adopt the ordin- efforts and the results of the presses are 1971. This facility will provide Special Committee hasbeenap- ance. The motion carried on a cases they file on. MayorMas- faster and more temporary needed space forof- pointed to investigate special unamtmous roll call vote. on stated that he was going to the reject rate rices of the Southwestern Ore- problems encountered by Slack then presented a aim- contact the League of Women reducing costs further Con Community Action Organ- C.C.C.O.G. and a report will ilar ordinance proposed to be Voters on his own in hopes of Do any of you knOW ization. The City will send a be presented in July or Aug- numbered 837 concerning the getting them to sit in on naro ing endurance of our representative to this dedica- ust The City's request for a Howell and Gates properties in cotics cases. I would like for tlon. grant for Parks development the Knowlton Heights area, also City Manager Hall statedthat to send in your Hall then presented a notice was not on the agenda, setting the date of the Public he would have a completed re- Sentinel. A post from the Workmans Corn- Mayor Mason opened the Pub- Hearing on July 19. Bryan mov- port on the problem of taxi It's just forfun-to pensation Board informing us lic He,ring on the vacation of ed for adoption, Andrews sac- service in the City at the next your guesses are. that a hearing will be held property at East 1st Street and onded and the motion was car- meeting, time, I will give in Coos Bay, wednesday, July Henry. No remonstrances wri- ried unanimously in a roll call The following items of the idea as to 14, 1971 at 9:30 A.M. in the tten or oral were presented. An vote. March I, 1971 Pending Items axe, and will also let City Hall, concerning Florence ordinance will be presented at Slack reported needing a legal sheet were removed by Council the correct answer. Davis, claiming of an injury the next meeting, description of the Hyde- request: I, 4, 7, 16, 18, and 19. you, the sustained duringworkinghours. Under scheduled items of Brudos-Oerding property re- Obtaining a "Paint sprayer for 2,000 folds. The City Manager will attend business, the Council decided to questing annexation beforepro- street lines &walks" was added cies and make a this hearing, hold discussion of LeRoy Rices w ceeding with the necessary for- to the list. way we wiU know Bryan reported for theWater request for a mobile home realities. The Mayor asked for recom- -you are reading tld-' Committee that the recommen- ordinance until after the Coun- City Manager Hall presented mendatlons for Street Constru- and just how far dation of this committee con- cll has studied the proposed or- bids to furnlsh a tool truck, ction or repairforthissummer. Coquille some of you cerning water rates for Tra- dinance presented by City At- The bids were as follows: The followlngrecommendations The new 1969B were submitted: ing released now, White Cloud area District #11 making Baxter Street from 6th to the appearance. ) top of 3rd The BEP Mgl[Y" West 4th Street ed printing figures for West 12th Street inSanfordHel- series one dollar SAVll8 ghts. ations. Minneapoli Kuyper moved that the Street least 21,760,000 Committee be requested to 640,000 star notes. RIVER DAYS oec into this matter and tops the 1Lst th report their findings at the next notes with 6,240,000 meeting. Seconded by Bryan as. San Francisco i Couporll ,t00)pecia and Harmon, the motion car-with 51,840,000 ried. 3,840,000 star notes. The City Manager report- our District, #12. If ed that Art Berg has been in- been searching for a quiring about the purchase of for #11, Dallas, ............................ CUP AND BRING IN TODAY! ............................ his lot and the area below the there were none :. reported being at a standstill or tomorrow for mYiogl Ice .beT,aY  with Oerding, Wisby, and Berg. do not forgetl He has offered them $350 ap- reading, Ken. Frost blue polyethylene 2-2""  iece lot the small lots, and $500 tray releases ice cubes /z,,/-fl-- [] for the large one. Slack re- 39 instantly. Spill-proof side /j  commended filing eminent do- MP Man main cases on each lot. It 79 A UMINUM FOIL design. Regular 39. ;//x2  was recommended going ahead Full 18 wide. heavy-duty with  11 19=with /1  with the purchase of the Berg n,. weight! 25-ft. long roll: coupon  lot and the Percy lot for $3500 AF ---- coupon   and $1000 respectively and then i i iiiiiii!ii!ii I iiiiiiiiii::i::::::ii:i:i  to sell the City lot to Save-On Food Store for $4850. Harmon Navy Petty !i i!!!!::ii!iiiii:iii i :!iiii!iiiii:i moved and Kayper seconded *o Class Dennis M accept and approve the rec- of Mr. and Mrs. RudY ':':::::::::::::: ......................................................... ! ............................. !::::::: .............................................................................  : .................. : . ................. ............................................................................ ::.::: .............................................  ................... ...........................: :: ommendation of the City Man- cek of Sitkum Route, i E. .  ager. The motion carried, ford Road, Myrtle TRU-IEST Glass Cleaner TRU-TEST HObS HOLD O!L Bryan reported that he felt reported for duty Rel[ 69 With ammonia  : Regutar39,premmmquadzy -]1== [ the highway by the new U.S, tack aircraft carrier to'lean windows, mirrors, lil l]: machine oil with exceptional   National Bank building hasbeen dependence , ,o. 00ouo00uo 00moo., o, windshields easily. 19-oz. : lubricating property. 3-oz. l_ with | ; IICI: with Ii,tttLtLgll  time. The Independence  -'.-''I  Bryan then recommended uled to make her == coupon  ! I1 coup0rl  taking the KnowRoHeights oymenttotheM( i iiii!:iii}iiiii!iiiiiililiii!iii!i!! i!iii!iiiiiii! George Burr's property, then moving in front of the houses. ........................................................................ ; .... L,. Bryan then moved that any am- Spark Plug vs. ount in excess of the original Old Dobbin' amount of hook up caused by In 1930 farmers the change in routeofthe sewer, should besubsidizedbytheClty, miIHon horses and 1 Miller seconded and the motion tractors. Today they carried .... million tractors, and Bryan also noted that the of their reduced blacktop on the tennis courts in Census Bureau has al$1 with i_( with Sanford Heights were in bad counting the horses. I1 coupon --i--. coupon conditiom m"IF Harmon reported he has been receiving very poor garbage The motion died for collection service. A ached- a second. This matter ,____, ule will be obtained in an el-ferred to the Coos Bay fort to upgrade this service, m;ttee. I'AKK =P Miller moved to remove the There being no Coqui I le restriction on City employees iness the meetir llving outside the City limits, ed.