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July 2, 2003     Coquille Valley Sentinel
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July 2, 2003

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THE SENTINBL -- WEDNESDAY, JULY 2, 2003 -- A8 Bird WinterThebmsselssprouts,gardenstartedfrom preparations Build your own concr, e;!e planter gardens seed five weeks ago have been set Year ,;ii:::? . Homeowners have many l/4-inch plywood to build an inch thickwalls andbottom. BY CAROL SAVONEN out. Now it is time to start seeds for Round options to enhance the beauty of outer form with inner dimen- • Coat the forms with form the rest ofthe late fall and winter gar- Gardening their yards, including flower sions of 18-inches long by 15- oil or paste wax to make CORVALLIS-There den. Cabbage, cauliflower, and broc- beds, bird baths, water fountains inches wide by 10-inches high. removal from the form easier, species that have been coil, each in several varieties are by planted, and harvested from October Mike Kelly or garden paths. However, a Use the 3/4-inch plywood for • Prepare the concrete mix in Oregon, and more simple and affordable feature the sides of the form and the thru April. Most of the seed came often overlooked are flower l/4-inch plywood for the bottom using instructions on the package those species breed from Territorial, and their seed cata-  young in the state. planters. The appropriate place- of the form. Nail the forms spar- and cast the planter starting with log gives some good instructions. All of these plants will grow ment of planters filled with col- a 2-inch base layer. While laying species build their nests To start with, we plant a hybrid successfully thru our winters, surviv- orful and fragrant flowers can this base layer insert the plastic shrubs, vines or broccoli blend that comes in in ing temperatures into the teens, dramatically improve the pipes to create drain holes. The To help provide October, giving only one cutting of In '90-91 we had about 4 days it appearance of a yard. pipes should be centered along nesting habitat for huge main heads. It usually freezes never got above 32, and was seven While flower planters come the width of the planter and in Edge, wildlife out before producing many side degrees once, and i lost nearly all the in various sizes, shapes and thirds along the length of the Oregon State shoots. Both white and purple sprout- winter garden. In '89 it was covered materials, homeowners can have planter. Smooth the concrete to Service offers some in[g broccoli stand thru the winter, and with snow tbr over a week, and sur- personal satisfaction in creating the height of the pipes, tions to help home attract and foster birds: produce an abundance of small fluters vivcd fine. Brian lbach and Ann their own concrete planters. An • Center the inner form and starting in early March, thru May. Lowe had just moved in up the road easy do-it-yourself project, con- press it down over the smoothed * Provide a Cauliflower selections are from us, and walked over to get crete planters allows homeown- concrete, continuing to pour the shrubs, hedges and another planting of a variety that acquainted, and I dug down thin the ers to personalize the appearance concrete around the edges of the yard. Native plants arc does well early, such as Late Dutch snow and harvested a frozen cab- of their yards while their own mold. Use a tamper to compact habitat for birds. and Snow Crown. These are quick to bagelbr them. The freezing doesn't creative style, the concrete around the form with thorns, such as mature and are harvested before hard hurt, just let it thaw slowly. To create a concrete planter, during pouring. Smooth the hawthorn are helpful freezing. Late Dutch makes huge Overwintering beets and carrots will do-it-yourselfers will need exposed surface with a trowel because they provide heads of cauliflower, some weighing take some freezing, unprotected, but Concrete Mix, Sand Mix, 3/4- and keep damp. predators, such as house € four to five pounds. Territorial's alternately freezing and thawing inch plywood, 1/4-inch ply- ingly for ease in disassembly * Prune with birds' Armado Spring Plus blend cauli- spoils them. They can be covered wood, hammer, nails, one inch when removing the completed ° Remove the forms after 24 flower stands thin the winter, then with straw or old hay, and clear plas- plastic pipe, a tamper, a trowel concrete planter, hours and continue to keep the mind, Time your concrete damp for five to seven pens either before or makes nice firm heads starting in tic and do much better, but this also and form oil or paste wax. Once . Build an inner form with days before planting, nesting season. Provide 1 the materials are gathered, the outer dimensions of 14-inches branches that spread lqlarch. Armado Spring is available makes a good home for field mice, following are step-by-step long by I l-inches wide by 8-inch- ° Clean the form parts imme- several varieties, with different and provides them a good meal, instructions: 70-degree angles. harvest times, but the blended seed is especially the carrots, es high for use with outer form to diately following removal and be thin enough to allow a mixture of these and spreads out Winter gardens are nice in that • Use 3/4-inch plywood and create concrete planter with 2- set aside for future use. nests and to allow the harvest. Sometimes a plant will little care is required during the escape if predators branch and make several heads, in winter, except for harvesting and the garden. Now it is time enjoying garden fresh vegetables. * Provide nesting Pooch Proof Yet, Garden as straw, human hair,,  =v= string, moss, rootlets, Mole se,m,,o as a repellent, but ers, cotton and mud. they agree that the use of natural Has your pooch been digging stone. Once the dog reaches this area where he or she can just have als can be hung from castor oil that is cold pressed and up daisies? Does your prize rose layer, she will quickly feel the fun. Include a sand pile just for net bags in which invasion 00roc00ss00dand is satedriveSfor the theenvironment.pests away bush look more like tossed salad uncomfortable scrape and move digging andsome safetoys, potatoes or onionsare Bear Products, a distributor of once Rover returns from his walk? on. Or, cover up troublesome spots * Plant A natural recipe to protect your Are bare spots on the lawn rattling with planters or patio stones. Dogs * Don't be afraid to reprimand, such as aster, blanket garden and lawn natural castor oil, offers the fol- your nerves? Well, you're not do not like to sniff where their Dogs respond well to things they flower, sunflowers, lowing recipe tbr a preparation alone. As long as people have been scents are most prevalent, find annoying or unpleasant. A An oil once commonly used that it says not only gets rid of coexisting with canines, they've Therefore, by burying your dog's well-aimed water gun, the clank- Susans, California rod, marigolds, phlox, as a home remedy is now gaining moles, but armadillos, voles and been lacing the antics of these waste in spots she is known to ing of pennies in a jar, or, as a last zinnias. Dandelions popularity as a way to solve a gophers as well. At the same time, furry friends (or foes, as it may be). sniff, you might also alleviate the resort, an electrical fence can dis- produce good seeds lawn-care problem, it's 100 percent natural and safe for You've seen what your dog problem, courage naughty behavior. And Ranging in color from clear to your pets. can do to your expensive leather p ...... above all, a simple "NO" in a stem * Share your wealth greenish, castor oil comes from For best results, apply after a shoes and your new sofa, "serif .*,Irr.,mmeaes-yomayjusthave voice does wonders for stopping Leave one or more the seeds of the castor bean. rain or thorough watering, should come as no surprise that he to give in. If your dog is a natural Fide in his tracks, shrubs unprotected For years it was used as a or she can be equally "creative" in 00ortear,n00u0000,antsan00ri0000,n00 I, dO'l" home remedy to ease digestive the yar d. And because dogs don't off branches, select varieties that I" -' "" " " m -- -- m .- -- -- m .. -- .- i m -- ,.- problems. But increasingly, home- discriminate and they don't under- are more hardy -- ones that can owners are turning to this sub- , stand improper behavior until they take some roughhousing. Or, .i stance as a way to defend their are corrected properly, patience choose prickly plants that also are ! .it properties against unwelcome and training is required to make attractive to you so that once pinch invasions by moles, the garden a place for both of you. will drive poochie away. You may  .... This destructive pest's also have to remove temptations o appetite can be voracious-often * Dogs dig as a part oftheir nature, like flower pots that always get I arden Hints from your O$1d eating more than their weight in Rather than throw a temper knocked over, or make a decora- | • Control hollyhock rust by sanitation, picking affected leaves, and I food every day. tantrum next time Fifi tunnels out rive walkway out of your dog's | with wettale sulfur or Daconil. When searching for food, ap a trench that seems to reach clear favorite path through the lawn. | • Early morning is the best time to water vegetable and flower moles are very active tunnelers, ::  to China, figure out a feasible I Water deeplyandinfrequently. often moving at a rate of 12 to 15 Directions: solution. Fill in holes that she fre- * Provide an alternative outlet for  ° Hanging baskets of flowers or vegetable plantings need careful to watering and feeding during extended periods of hot weather. feet per hour. These burrows can gallon quently visits with bricks or coarse your dog's energy. Fence off an | • Watch for cutworm damage in garden. (In July, climbing damage lawns and gardens. While become a problem and large portions, of foliage will moles seldom feed on plant mate- b nl"earc-'ng for America' establishedplants.,Dustseedlingsorremovecutwormsbyhand.' rials, mice may follow mole bur- rater S • Midsummer plantings of beets, bush beans, carrots, cauliflower, rows, damaging bulbs and plant lettuce, kale, and pen will provide fall and winter crops. roo,s oldest and best workers • Place traps to catch adult apple maggot flies. Youcanuse Gardening and wildlife traps to monffor presence of pests. ; 55 Alive • July 10: spray filbert trees .for fdbert worm. experts are not sure why castor oil Experience does count. Seniors are the fastest growing pop- • July 10-15: spray peach and prune trees for root borers. ulation in the United States, and more businesses are relying on • July 17-23: third spray for codling moth in apple and pear trees. I ,,,,r'l a S S e S the experience and expertise of older workers to get the job done. • Cover blueberry bushes with netting to keep birds The positive work ethic, loyalty, and dependability of older • Stake tomatoes, watch for bright (prune for air circulation, affected leaves, treat with approved fungicide). 3.'-Hll AARP has developed the 55 workers is necessary for the long-term vitality of this nation. • First planting of Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, rutabagas on Oregon Alive Driver Safety Program for Yet, there are still negative stereotypes and a lack of under- • Monitor rhododendrons for root weevil adults. Look persons age 50 and older. The standing about the positive contributions made by older work- feeding (notching)- try sticky trap products on plant trunks to tr class builds on learned driving ers to this country. • Check leafy vegetables for caterpillars. Control with Bacillus Coquille Senior skills, addresses physical changes As a result, Experience Works launched the Prime Time sis or Sevin. Never use during bloom period or in the psence of Activity Center experienced by mature drives, Awards Program six years ago to break down barriers associated • Weed and fertilize rhubarb and asparagus beds, crowns for next year. A mulch of compost or mtte, d cow manure 265 E. 1 st. St. * Coquille, OR and helps them identify ways to with the hiring of older workers. Experience Works is the nation's well. 396-5208 compensate and drive safely. | largest training and employment organization for mature work- • Mound soil up around base o'f potatoes, gather and eat a few participants must complete -rs. The program recognizes an outstanding older worker from toes from each hill. Open Monday-Friday two consecutive days of four "]!ach state and top employers of older workers. • Mulcla to conserve soil moisture with paper, plastic, sawdust, rtc from 1 pan -4 p.m. hours of instruction to qualify for i;.ipnorees participate in special activities and events within • Watch for signs of spider mites on arborvitae practices. Membership: $7 per year the Oregon mandated discount states throughout the year, and in Washington, D.C., in' and hedges (dusty looking foliage, loss of color, monitor presence of tiny mites). Wash infested areas with acting. Your membership fee on auto insurance offered to per- September. Prime Time Awards week activities include meet- cultural water or spray with appropriate pesticides. sons 55 years of age or older. All ings with congressional representatives, U.S. Senate and U.S. • Dig spring bulbs when tops have died down: divide and store includes access to." insurance companies doing busi- House events, tours of the city's landmarks, and an award ban- • Lawns need at least 1 inch of water per week. Shuffleboards, Billiards, ness in Oregon must honor the quet and ceremony at the Ronald Reagan Building and • Aerate lawns for more effective water and fertilizer usage. Pinochle and fellowship discount. International Trade Center. • East of the Cascades: spray for corn earworms as silkin The classes are held monthly In past years, the outstanding older workers have ranged in bees. Monday 8 a.m. till noon in Coos Bay/North Bend and a age from 66 to 100. Last year, the average age was 78. All of the Sewing room open class is currently being organ- past America's Oldest Workers have been over 100 years old and ized for Coquille residents. In working almost full time at their professions. They include a 100- Monday 1-3 p.m. cooperation with the Coquille year-old architect, 102-year-old mechanical engineer, a 100-year- Bingo action Senior Center, 55 Alive is regis- old doctor and a 102-year-old manufacturer. In 2002, Dr. Ray H. tering people for a tentative class Crist, 102, professor of Environmental Science at Messiah Monday 5:30 pm to be held this summer in College, was named America's Oldest Worker. • Weight Watchers Coquille, however at least 10 To be considered for a state's outstanding older worker or mature drivers must commit to "America's Oldest Worker," applicants must be currently .Fountains Tuesday 9 -10 a.m. attending before a date is employed, and work a minimum of 20 hours per week in paid • BirdBaths Group Walking Exercise announced, employment, and be over 65 years old. Outstanding older • Statuary To register, call the SWOCC workers receive an all-expenses-iaid trip to participate in the Delicious potluck the last office of Outreach/Professional week's events in Washington. • Thursday of each month. Development at 888-7415. For To access a nomination form, visit more information regarding the To receive a nomination form by mail, send a postcard or note to (0 Beautiful Quilts by Geraldine are class, call Assistant State Prime Time Awards, Experience Works, 2200 Clarendon Blvd., always for sale and help ongoing Coordinator George Gebhardt tat Suite 1000, Arlington, VA 2201, or call, toll fi'ee, 1-866-EXP- ' events at the center. 751-0360. WRKS (1-866-397-9757). 1661 I'N. 101  •  P/,  ! i , II ll UlIR Iml lil IIII lull qml i IIII Ili Ill i mi  i i Illl III