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August 26, 2009     Coquille Valley Sentinel
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August 26, 2009

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August 26, 2009 The Coquille Valley Sentinel Page 7 invitational tournament continued from page 1 the body to release it from being pinned and learning to relax as one moved through obstacles blindfolded. Another workshop will be held later this fall, topic to be announced. The regular study group meets twice a week and is open to older teens and adults. Instructor Lowe was treated to a tour of the facility and commented on "how lucky Coquille is to have such a great resource with so many different arts and chess being promoted in one building. This building is perfect in so many ways." In addition to teaching martial arts, Mr. Lowes is a writer and has published a book on chess as well as several short stories. Tournament results for Coquille MA students: 5 year old beginner: Sparring: Tiana Howley, Bandon 1 st, Milana Fortune, Coquille 2nd, Johnathon Huffman, Coquille 3rd, Abby Perdue Bandon 4th Flag Sparring: Johnathon Huffman 1st, Milana Fortune 2nd, Tiana Howley 3rd, Abby Perdue 4th Forms: Johnathon Huffman 1st, Milana Fortune 2nd, Tiana Howley 3rd, Abby Perdue 4th 7-9: Beginner Forms, Ivana Ferrar Bandon, 1st Intermediate Forms, Tianna Huffman, Coquille, 1 st, Intermediate Weapons, Tianna Huffman, 1 st 10-12 Beginner Forms: Shanley Geddry, Coquille 1 st, Jason Brant 2nd Weapons Forms: Jason Brant 1 st Sparring: Jason Brant 1 st, Shanley Geddry 2nd 10-12 Int-Adv Forms and Weapons Forms: Johnathon England, Bandon 1 st, Kayla Houston, Myrtle Point 2nd 10-12 Jr Black forms and Weapons forms: Max Underdown, Bandon 1st Sparring Max Underdown 1 st 14 -17 Adv Joselyn Smith, Coquille, 1st weapons, 3rd spar- ring and forms Teen Black Belt Franklin Smith, Coquille, 1st weapons, 2nd forms and sparring Adult Black Belt: Dane Saxton, Coquille, 2nd sparring and forms. L~ i~:ii~::i~:~iiiii~i~:: %)ii~!iiii:~i~:i~i~i!~i~ ~i~i~iiii~i~i[ii!i!i!iiiiiiiii~:i~ United Northbound Routes to Continue Between Oregon's Southern Coast and Portland Service to continue without subsidy payment The Coos County Airpc~i-f Di~t~icft6da3> afittouflce~tth~t' SkyWest has agreed to continue service between the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport (OTH) in North Bend, Ore., and Portland International Airport (PDX) without sub- sidy. With the Portland routes approved without subsidy, trav- elers to and from Oregon's southern coast maintain their north- and southbound flight options, as SkyWest continues service between San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and OTH. "We are excited to continue to offer multiple flight options for the North Bend Coos Bay community," said Mike Lehman, Chairman, Coos County Airport District. "By no longer requiring subsidy payments, SkyWest has shown its commitment to this community and has invested in the future of travel to Oregon's beautiful southern coast." Since agreeing to take over service between Southwest Oregon Regional Airport and Portland International Airport in fall 2008, SkyWest and the airport have worked together to ensure better service and travel options on their north- bound routes. Load factors during the summer months have been on the rise, and continued community support is essential to ensure ongoing service. Tickets for all United Express flights may be purchased online at Inter-Governmental Forum on Those who are considered at-risk to the H1N1 virus are i encouraged to get vaccines for both the normal seasonal d Pandemic Influenza influenza as well as the H1N1 virus. Summary For more information, contact your local health depart- ment or go on-line to the Center for Disease Control web- August 17, 2009, 1:30 pm-3:30 pm page for updates and the latest information regarding H1N1. South Coast ESD Conference Center Moderated by Frances Smith of the Coos County Health The ASPCA: Just the Facts Dept. Founded by New York aristocrat Henry Bergh, the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Attended by public school, college and health care pro- Cruelty to Animals) was the first organization in the fessionals, Dr. Hugh Tyson of the Coos County Health United States devoted to the prevention of cruelty to ani- Dept. shared information relating to the at-risk population mals. of the H1N1 influenza virus (swine flu). The forum was As part of its original charter from the State of New York also tele-conferenced to school and health care staff in in 1866, the ASPCA was given the legal authority to inves- Curry County. tigate and make arrests for crimes against animals. Dr. Tyson shared that healthy adults are not expected to One of the earliest convictions of animal cruelty occurred be affected to any great extent by the H 1N 1 virus. The criti- in 1867, when David Heath was sentenced to 10 days in cal demographics for severe or even fatal responses are prison for beating a cat to death. adults with chronic illnesses, pregnant women, children and The ASPCA prompted the New York State legislature to young adults. According to Dr. Tyson, mature adults seem pass the country's first effective anti-cruelty law. to present some level of immunity to the virus and expected In 1874, Henry Bergh helped organize the first Society for reactions of those who might contract H1N1 would be simi- the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (SPCC), which grew lar to those contracting normal seasonal influenza, out of the abuse of a nine year-old girl named Mary Ellen. Information from the federal government was shared The ASPCA's Humane Law Enforcement department with school representatives regarding the availability of (HLE) is the only law enforcement group in New York City vaccines for at-risk populations such as children. At this solely devoted to investigating crimes against New York's point, a vaccine is expected to be distributed some time in animal population. October of this year. As of now, no local health agency is The HLE department has the ability to respond to cruelty exactly sure how much vaccine will be allocated to each complaints within New York State. However, their efforts county by the federal government. Whatever the number of are primarily focused on the five boroughs of New York doses allocated, the need to set up community vaccination City. clinics was stressed by the health department. Dr George In 2006, HLE investigated 4,191 cases of suspected ani- Woodruff, Superintendent of South Coast ESD, offered the mal cruelty that resulted in 103 arrests and 295 seized ani- ESD facilities for the clinics, located both in Coos and mals. Curry counties. ASPCA HLE agents and investigators rescued more than The health department officials also stressed the need for 200 animals after the attacks on the World Trade Center on volunteer nurses to assist in the timely distribution of any September 11, 2001. vaccines. A call for community nurses to volunteer to assist It is estimated that there are up to five million owned and with the clinics was suggested and will be pursued, stray animals living in New York City. There are more than Additionally, Southwestern Oregon Community College eight million people living in New York City. representatives suggested the use of nursing staff and stu- The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has dents and the ESD which also operates nursing services in approximately 41,000 officers to protect and serve the both Coos and Curry county school districts, human population; the ASPCA's HLE department has 18 One of the main themes of the forum was communica- uniformed and plainclothes officers for the entire animal tion. It was stressed repeatedly that timely and accurate population of New York City. information distribution was essential to maintain a calm Page 1 of 2 community environment and avoid over-reaction or even In 1867, the ASPCA operated the first ambulance any- panic by the public. The nature of this virus is such that a where for injured horses--two years before New York's community may experience a range of occurrence from a Bellevue Hospital put into service the first ambulance for large number of cases to being completely by-passed by the humans. influenza. Until the cold and flu season actually gets here, In 1894, the ASPCA assumed the job of caring for New there is no accurate way to predict the level of exposure a York City's stray and unwanted animals, a function previ. community will suffer. It was agreed that the South Coast ously performed by New York City government. Afte~it01); ESD would function as the information distribution agent years, the ASPCA declined the option to renew the,: on a t for schools in Coos, Curry and Western Douglas counties, in order to focus on national education, information and" " Local school districts, with appropriate health department advocacy. consultation, would decide when, where and to what degree In 2006, the ASPCA's Pet Adoption Center found homes schools may close and will use the ESD for the distribution for 2,253 dogs and cats. of all pertinent information to the press and the public. In 2006, the ASPCA's Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital School districts agreed to notify the health department at treated 24,120 animals. any point when attendance is reduced by 20% by what are The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is the only deemed to be Influenza-Like- Illnesses (ILI). The ESD facility of its kind staffed by five veterinary assistants, 10 would use its educational computer network server system certified veterinary technicians, nine board-certified toxieol- to publish critical information regarding closures and health ogists/veterinary toxicologists and 16 veterinarians. The warnings to the press and public, center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Dr. Tyson further expressed his opinion relating to the The ASPCA Animal Behavior Center offers assistance to desirability of the use and availability of alcohol-based hand people whose pets have specific behavioral problems. cleaners, frequent hand washing, frequent surface cleaning, The ASPCA Counseling Services department offers adequate supplies of facial tissues and their proper disposal bereavement counseling to people whose pets have died, and the practice of covering coughs and sneezes. He also ASPCA attorneys and staff work with legislators to sport- suggested the use of face masks or even shop masks by sor and support animal welfare legislation and initiatives those infected with an Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI) to reduce that provide greater protection for animals under the law. the spread to other family members and co-workers. In 2006, National Outreach provided on-site visits and A public awareness campaign will be accelerated by the expertise to shelters in 29 states and the District of health department as the cold and flu season approaches. Columbia, Puerto Rico and Turkey; presented 337 training Printed information will be made available by local schools seminars and workshops to shelter professionals across the and the ESD to assist staff and parents in understanding the U.S.; and provided $6,735,993 in grants to 200 animal pro- disease and prevention techniques, and vaccination clinics tection organizations in 43 states, plus Puerto Rico and will be set up as the government releases doses of vaccines Jamaica. for distribution. Today, more than one million supporters throughout North America help the ASPCA carry out its life-saving mission. Hw . a E., Co< Winston iii%iiiiiiiii~ii!iiiii!!i!iiiii! :iii!iiiiiiiiiii[i Roseburg ........