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October 29, 2003     Coquille Valley Sentinel
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October 29, 2003

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PAGE 4 -- WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2003 -- THE SENTINEL L B T B S : Mikel Chavez - Publisher ::  Anna Chavez - Editor e 1) Robert Jump- Staff Reporter !1  lk41w 4 t 4Hw -m--- . m  == =  At_ Il Garnet Stewart - Graphic Design 00ltttl00t Teresa Reaves - Ad Consultant Laurie K. Levitan - Ad Consultant z The County Seat Newspaper Cristianne Holmen &apos;Office Manager 00h0se s,,,y l!w00o,t00 The latest attempt to stop the progression of the natural gas pipeline happened last week in Coquille. A lawsuit was filed in cir- cuit court by the following citizens: Alice E. Yost, Marvin Brown, Karen Wolfe, William Van Vleet, Barbara Farley Van Vleet, Huie b. Knight Jr. and Linda M. Knight. The lawsuit contends that drilling lubricants (bentonite) were allowed to "bubble" into the plaintift's property without their per- mission. If you were to read the previous line you would think this was an environmental travesty. Just in reading the compliant filed in the courts by the plaintiff's attorney you would think that anoth- er Chernobyl had taken place. The complaint charges MasTec with nuisance, trespass and negligence. If you get the time, go get a copy of the complaint on file at the Coos County Courthouse. We neither have the space Or the want to print the drivel perpetrated by these people. This lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to stop the work on the pipeline, which is now 80% complete. As reported in the past, MasTec has been monitored closely by every single agency that has to do with the environment and worker safety issues. The green lawyers and their representatives have given this drilling operation their full scrutiny. The lawyer representing the plaintiffs has represented eco- extreme organizations. And like any eco-extremist organization, the misinformation flows freely with the help of many in the main- stream media. However, at The Sentinel we questioned some of the claims made by plaintiffs and uncovered in a matter of a few hours some interesting information about the evil bentonite and its uses. Over ten million tons of bentonite are mined and produced each year around the world in dozens of countries. Bentonite is mined from rocks that are around the Jurassic age and originate predomi- nately from geologically altered volcanic rocks. Bentonite produc- tion in the United States accounts for approximately 40% of the worldwide production, with the vast majority of the U.S. produc- tion originating from the world famous natural sodium bentonite deposits of Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota. Bentonite is commonly used as a "pond liner". It can even be found in ponds that have regular visits from wildlife. The fish in the pond don't mind it either. Bentonite is used to seal water wells. Chances are if you drink from a well, the sealant that lines your well is bentonite. Bentonite is used in scoopable kitty litter. One of the plaintiffs gave an interview to an Oregon newspaper stating she was concerned that Oregon Tilth (CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC PROGRAM) would not certify her farm for organic production because of the bentonite left on her property. A quick visit to the Oregon Tilth website proves differently. You can down- load the guidelines at Under section 205.605 is a list of non-organic substances allowed as ingredients in or on processed products labeled as "organic". Bentonite is listed as number two, right under citric and lactic acid. The misinformation and distortions are ridiculous and time consuming. All of this activity is right out of the eco-extremist playbook. Just a reminder to those people who did not vote for the pas- sage of the gas pipeline, including me; our tax dollars are still being used. And if these people filing against MasTec somehow manage a stoppage, it will be your money that goes down the tubes. I am frustrated by what I see as eco-activists trying to sabotage county progress and indirectly, evading the voices of those who voted to make this project possible. By the way, we found one more use for bentonite pictured below. You ingest this product to cleanse your colon and remove foul matter. I am personally sending this bottle to the attorney representing these misguided individuals. Perhaps he will use this dietary supplement to cleanse out this lawsuit, because it is full of it. Mike The Bear = k  20)3 CREATORF R'(fqDICA'I |NC. - Always Remember Leah To the Editor, Remember me? Remember Leah? Chief Reaves says, "We will keep at it, we will keep investigat- ing, we will never close the case until we catch the perp." I sure hope he means it. My daughter was murdered 3 years and 4 months ago, right here in Coquille. "homicidal violence" they say. No suspects. No motive. No arrests expected any time soon. Leah would have been 19 years old today (October 29, 2003). A day filled with emotions. A happy day to some degree, because this was the day she entered this world. But also, a sad one because she is noL here with us to celebrate it any! more. Are there any new develop- ments in my daughter's case? How would I know? No one from law enforcement ever contacts me any more. Reaves also stated that he is working with a former homicide detective from Florida, yet I haven't been informed about this. I am Leah's mother and I want to know what is being done to find my daughter's killer or killers. I deserve to know. God says he will not give you any more than you can handle. Recently, my mother and father (Leah's grandparents) have passed away. How many family members. do I have to watch die? I need for people to come forward with infor- mation. Solving this case is what I live for. I will never give up. If you know anything about this case, please say so! There is a way to remain anonymous. You can call Coos Stop Crime at 267-6666 or 1- 800-368-6425 24 hours a day. Remember, there is a $10,000 reward for your information if it leads to an arrest and conviction of Leah's killer. For the people involved in my daughter's death...let your con- science be your guide. Do you real- ly want to live the rest of your life like this? In fear? Waiting, wonder- ing if and when you will be caught? Or do you even have a conscience? I'm guessing not. How could you live with yourself? If you know information about this case and you are noi * talking to law enforcement about it, you are not safe. Chief Reaves and the assistant district attorney R. Paul Frazier both agree that Leah's murder is not the perfect crime. Some people are clever and others are lucky. I think this person has just been lucky. So far. Until the murderers luck runs out, it will be the compassion of others that will help me get through each day. In loving memory of Leah Nicole. Cory Courtright Coquille Assembly of God Donations Appreciated To the Editor, Lincoln School would like to thank Coquille Assembly of God Church for their generous dona- tions. During September and October, members from their church donated school supplies and clothing to give to students at Lincoln School. Through their efforts our school received much needed school supplies such as pens, glue sticks, notebook paper, facial tis- sue and rulers. They also gener- ously donated clothing for chil- dren that, from time to time, get dirty or wet. Thank you Assembly of God Church for your outreach in our community, which will make it possible for many worthy children to have the advantage of feeling better about themselves. Diann Gillaspie Principal Thanks for Making Free Swim Day Possible To the Editor, Coquille Free Swim would like to thank Coquille Valley Hospital and Chi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi for donating a free swim day for the 2004 Coquille Summer Program. An account has been set up at Klamath 1st Federal. Please contact Linda Short, Coordinator, for more information at 396-2579. Linda Short Free Swim Day Coordinator Coquille City Council Needs Energy To the Editor, I attended the City Council meeting on October 6, and I must say all my suspicions were con- firmed. We need fresh energy on our City Council. I asked ques- tions. Some were ignored, some were responded to. None were answered. I asked the Council why they didn't do something to pre- vent a moratorium on new sewer hookups, when we've known since 1997 that new construction was our best source of general fund revenue. No response. I asked why the notices from the city regarding our water quality were not deliv- ered in a timely manner. I was ignored. I asked if the city had plans to ensure our future water quality. No response. During the course of Audience Participation, many oth- ers asked the Council excellent questions. Again, some were ignored, some were responded to, but very few left the meeting feel- ing secure in the knowledge that our City Council is looking out for Coquille's best interests. Mr. Weise and Ms. Anderson both showed pride in the fact that they've been on the Council long enough to know all about the City's woes with the sewer sys- tem. They both boasted about all the steps they'd taken to deal with this issue. It's just a shame they don't realize that stepping back- ward, or walking in place does not forward progress make. Our Council has raised our rates before doing their home- work. There are loans and grants available to offset the immediate costs to the city, but without a for- mal design plan, we can't apply for them. So, while we wait to find out how much this will actu- ally cost the city and it's citizens, they raise the rates to show they are finally concerned. I was told by Mr. Weise that there had been discussions 12 years ago that per- haps they should start small, incremental rate increases, but they didn't, and besides, it would only amount to a half million dol- lars or so. Well, a half million is more than we have now! Not once did I single out or personally attack anyone on the : ::[[: i / L:<%:i d q/Li<! k !$%< ! i /i WIAT I  T ? LAoIT, Council. And after nearly questions were asked by the lic, I asked one final Can we expect the bring forth information on native funding that might them out of our wallets next regularly scheduled meeting? A response, promises. And then I got what to a personal attack fror Capehart. She adamantly that all meetings are open public, that all information City's water and sewer available at City Hall. stated, "Jo, ignorance is bliss!" My point exactly. When for the Council members, I to be represented so that have to constantly monitor actions, or inaction's. Now I I better, which is why I'm the l urer of the political action mittee known as Citizens of Coquille. Our effort is in full swing. Because we no longer have dence in our city Council bers. Do you? Letters To The The Sentinel Letters to the Forum. may be edited for length, libel or Political support letters be charged five dollars. All letters must signed. Please include phone number for tion. Your phone will not be printed. Mail your typed or ble letters to: The PO Box 400, Coquille, 97423. E-mail to: thesentinel @webenet.oct Deadline Friday at 12 The Public Forum exchange of ideas and The views in the forum do not essarily reflect the views risers and staff of The (s400)396. s i