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December 8, 1999     Coquille Valley Sentinel
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December 8, 1999

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FOUR--Wednesday, December 8. 1999--THE SENTINEl " ts The Coquille Valley Sentinel FREDERICK TAYLOR F.ditor/Puhlishcr COREY ALBERT Editor I.OLIANNE SALIVE (;raphic Arts KEN AI,DRICH Office DORIS HUTCHINSON Sales Manager $10,000 for a vote The South Coast Livability Committee has an admirable goal: Hire a business recruiter. That might seem redundant, considering the various economic development organizations in this area, such as the Coos Curry Douglas Business Development Corp., a Coos Bay office of the Oregon Economic Development Department, the county&apos;s Economic Improvement Board. But it seems there have been plenty of "facilitators" but nobody out beating the bushes. So hiring somebody to actually try to find businesses that would be interested in locating, or relocating, in Coos county not only is a good idea but long overdue. And the committee is setting out to raise $250,000 to do just that. But the way it is going about it seems, well, odd. Because it not only is tapping the usual sources, local businesses, but plans to rely heavily on money from government, both state and local. This is a private organization, remember. But in order to have a vote on the decisions that will be made by this group--largely self appointed-- local governments will have to pony up, as much as $10,000 a year. County commissioner Nikki Whitty, actively involved in the committee as she has been in all development efforts since she was elected, says the county's ten grand is from lottery funds specifically earmarked for economic development (it might be worth noting that when it was set up, all lottery money was supposed to be for economic development, a requirement quickly overridden when the politicians saw how much money was involved.) But it does seem a stretch that lottery money for economic development is used to buy a vote in a private 6tfiiati0n that in turfl will h]re Somebody tO recrUit businesses. If towns such as Coquille want a voice in the decisions of this group they'll have to come up with the money, too, although it has been suggested they could join together and pool their money to buy a vote. So Coquille, Myrtle Point and Bandon could, maybe, finance a seat on the board and thus have a vote. That works out to one- third of a vote for each town. As we said at the start, the South Coast Livability Committee has a good idea: Hire a business recruiter. But putting public money into a private organization in order to have a seat at the table seems, as we said, odd. Watch this corner! There is a development proposed for the western outskirts of Eugene that will be of interest to Coquille, which is wrestling the state over access to the old Georgia-Pacific property. Home Depot, one of those "big box" stores, is considering building a new store at the corner, of Belt Line Road and Eleventh Street. Eleventh is really Highway 126, the road you take if you drive from Eugene to Highway 101 in Florence. And it is a very busy intersection; both roads make Highway 42 look positively sleepy. How do you suppose the Oregon Department of Transportation will deal with the question of access to this big traffic,generating development? Special entrances and exits? A stoplight? We don't envy Home Depot trying to get that location approved, But we suspect that somehow it,ll go through quicker than Coquille's has. Bumper sticker "Women Who Seek To Be Equal With Men Lack Ambition." FOLLOW COQUILLE SPORTS IN THE SENTINEL #1 Barton's Alley, Coquille - 396-3191 BLIND & SHADE SALES ULTRASONIC CLEANING BLIND & SHADE REPAIR Huntergougla__s Free In-Home [-.<,ma. ,, Free In.<a[*,alion Free Pickup & Dd:e:, ' Same Day Service III (ZPR(SS BLINDS 396-3057 266-87"I7 I ln our mail bag Blame public, politicians TO THE EDITOR: fhis ts a response to l[arrlet \\;Vallacc's letter asking "vherc as Illaintcnancc" on our schools dur- ing the last lvcnt} }cars. 'l'xcnt} scars ago the schools wcrc better lundcd and could kccp up with the maintenance. 'l'hcn in the carl\\; 19gl)'s our governments shifted aa) from infrastructure and spent trillions on lanciful star ars vcap- ons and the ar on drugs. Then vhcn you added double digit in- llation to the shrinking budgets the school boards had hard choices to make .\\;t the schl s 3 stem I was cm- plo)cd at as a maintenance super- visor the) first cut all extracurricu- lar activities except sports. No longer could the ncspapcr, drama, l:rcnch club, or a dozen other programs bc funded (Note: Three ol + the teachers 'cnt so far as to fund some of the aclivitic,; from their own pockets tot the Iirst year or txo.) Next came cuts in dclL'rrcd maintenance; that is those items that wcrc bc)ond the SCOlX" of the maintenance stall vcrc put ol1 Then the maintenance staff it- self was cut to the point that the janitors had onl} seven minutes to clean a classrtxm \\;Vc could patch the roof, clean the boiler and rc- pair a broken vindov but vhcn the roof leach nvent} 3cars old c didn't have the funds to re-rtt. \\;\hen the schools wcrc built en- crg} as cheap so only single glazed indovs were used. \\;Vhen the cost of encrg 3 skyrocketed vc could show that replacing all the single glazed vindovs would pa} lot itself in eight }cars of energy saving but there vcrc no funds available to do it. l)uring m) five years at that district it never got better. Who is to blame for this'? Wc ark. \\;Vc'vc allo our clotted offi- cials to ruin our once superb pub- lic school system and relegated it to that of a third world countr}'s. Why did this happen? If }ou arc old enough to remember back in the early 196tYs certain Governors tried to dismantle their public schrqs and  anted to fund private schis so as to get around Icdcral laws dealing with integration and separation on church and state. What was unthinkable at that time is mm being dished up as a palat- able solution. \\;\'c'vc been diluted b} political babble telling us that our future lies in a costl) militar} and gigantic police forces. We've built man3 state of the art prisons to hold a ball(\\;ruing population at a ycarl) cost that is ten times or more what it costs to educate. \\;Ve've become so quick to judge that a student guilt 3' of truant 3 is expelled. This makes as much sense as the nine- teenth century l-nglish law that set the penalty for attempted suicide to bc death b) hanging. \\;\'hat can be done aNmt this? First, budget more of the taxes we ahead} pa3 for use b) the schls. Quality Parts and Accessories/ 42 E. Main Street 635 Spruce Street I 396-2161 572-5136 " I Mon,-Fri, 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m, Mon.-Fri. 78 a.m, - 6 p.m. Sot. 8 a,m. - 5 p.m, Sat. 8 a.m, - 5 p.m. Sun. Closed Sun. 10 a.m, - 4 p.m. 000 ()f the thousands ol dollars my wife and 1 pay each }ear in fed- oral, state, local and hidden taxes onl 3 a small fraction now goes to schls. The cost of a new aircraft carrier would build man) schxfls. 'l'hc salar3 paid to a weal\\;mS en- gineer at a defense plant would pay the salar} of several teachers. In the upcoming election )ear make it a point to support those elected representatives that will change budget priorities. Second, call su- perintendent \\;:abcr at 396-2181 and volunteer some time to sit the Fact ("ommittcc as your ideas on solving this problem may help s/Ron Grabowski Coquille, OR Sen. ignorant of our area TO THE EDITOR: I attended a fundraiscr for Rep- resentative Ken Messerle last night. Some remarkable people attended and I was honored to meet Senator Dement and several other distinguished people from our area. The mason I write this is not for Representative Ken Mcsserle, although I think he is intelligent, abounds in common sense and has a sense of honor, duty and more importantly a re- sponsibility to his position. One of the major goals of the function was to communicate a sense of function and a line of sight or goal setting. This is where the wheels came off the cart. How do you pay attention or listen to a Senator who represents you but does not even know what county hc is in. To bc more spe- cific, Senator Gordon Smith re- ferred to Curry County five times and did not mention Coos County once, considering he was in Bandon. Perhaps this is not the Senator's fault but that of his aids. Yhis I view as an indicative prob- lem. How do wc communicate our concerns and our problems to the Senator when in reality it appears he knows nothing about our geo- graphic arcaor ourcconomic prob- lems. His staff is to support and give information to him and they failed. What did this fupau mean to me? That the Senator's aids are incompetent. It would appear we arc of no consequence and just a vacation spot on the map, It the aids missed this minor error how do they do wilh the communications that wc want lor- warded to the Senator. The rheto- ric was even more resounding in that wc as a time community/ire in the same boat with the fisher- men being ruled from above. I do Aerie & Auxiliary present BIG 2000 Era NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY December 31 6 pm - 8 pm Dinner Pkg. includes: Prime Rib or Chicken Cordon-Bleu Salad Bar Vcggie Mash Potato w/Gray Dinner Roll Special party Favors Free Shuttle Service Glass 0f Champagne at Midnight Music by Bob McGraw 9 pm to [ am ~ Please RSVP ~ Advance tickets go on sale Nov. 15 thru Dec. 24. Prices are: $25.00 per couple ~ $17.50 singles At the door prices are: $30.00 per couple ~ $20.00 singles [3 not want well-versed platitudes but answers to out area problems and thc ability to communicate with my elected officials and in this case I doubt whether I would bc heard. Our problems are not going to go away but need well though out phms which include infrastruc- ture, energy and economic incen- tives. I will think twice about vot- ing lot Senator Smith if he runs again not so much for what hap- pcncd last night but because hc has lost contact with who helped him get elected. s/Darrell R. Smith ('oquille, OR Smith bashed Democrats TO THE EDITOR: On November 30th I attended the Town Hall meeting of Senator Gordon Smith (R) in Coos Bay City Hall. As a Democrat, this was my first time to scc and hear Senator Smith. By the end of the meeting I was disgusted with all the Democrat bashing by the au- dience. But what upset me the most was that Senator Smith was Iccding off and promoting that type of uncivil bashing. After the meeting was over I went up to Senator Smith and told him that as a Democrat I was unhappy with the way he conducted his Town Hall meeting. I also added that other Town Hall meetings I have attended were always conducted in a nonpartisan matter. His re- sponse to me was "I'm tried to keep in non didn't want to make a call him on that response. the record, he did instigate the Democratic bashin conclusion I can draw meeting is that Senator Smith (R) is your senator0 you are a Republican. 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