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December 8, 1999     Coquille Valley Sentinel
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December 8, 1999

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"s only :?;.A team Wrestlers place Lady Devils lose after difficult night 3rd at tourney JON MAIN let ended ,,ith (,oquille ha, ing MAIN Writer uille's Red Devils made the journe3 to Prineville this to participate in the "lournament Other were (?rtx& ('ount3, and \\;Vest Albany. The wcrc the only 3-A team in - all of the other wcrc 4-.\\;..kftcr being nar- defeated in their first game !43 b v Sih'erton, the l)cvils k %est Albany 52-45. That Devils wcrc invited to a 4-A tournament and pla3ed level says a lot about the Devils, "started out really in their game against said Coach Dan As the game wore the high-desert altitude made a bit tough lor the Devils. the3 had a ninc-[x)int In the lourth quarter. In the minutes of the game, an in- t)nal foul was called on the l)evils, giving Sih'erton two and possession of the With only seconds remain- managed a few more hold off the 1)evils. tgainst West Albany, the Red 'ils showed "outstanding de- "said Cumberland. the week, on Wednes- the Coquille Red l)cvils met Irish on their home The Devils started off fast quickly left the Irish in their and defeated them by a huge 79 to 42. Ilarr 3 Shclton led things off with a breakava 3 la 3 up for tvo foilocd b 3 a three pointer and then another to points. Xlo ing out an earl3 lead, the l)cvils sloxxcd the Irish to a craxvl on defense while the 3 sprinted across the half- court line to shxting range in just seconds on olfense..Xndrev \\;ic scored several points in the first quarter, one of those scores the re- sult of a steal. The first quarter ended with the Devils up on the Irish 17-6. The second quarter was .lust as one-sided as the first quarter. 13reakawa 3 scores erc made b 3 both Ilarr 3 Shelton and Josh Cumberland, as well as tough shots b 3 Josh XVallman and Andrew Xie. The l)evils continued give the Irish a nightmare come true, making them work hard just to get within shooting range. ('oquille's lead continued to widen at the end of the hall ith ('oquille at 38 and \\;Valdport at 14. Iarl3 in the third quarter, An- dre Vic made a dilficult oltensix e rebound and brought it right back up to the net for two. Jon l)orland scored of f of frcc throvs and (;hris Guerin added points to the l)cvils' side of the scoreboard 133 the end of the third quarter, the l)cvils wcrc solidl3 in the lead 57 - 25. The lourth quarter put the fin- ishing touches on the l)evils evening Scores were made b 3 Brett NlcGilver3, liar O Shelton, Josh \\;X'allman, and Josh Cumberland. In a comfortable lead, the Devils rotated their full bench. Winning 79-42,.just shy of double their opponents' score, the Devils have shon what the3 can do and set a goxl pace for the rest of the season. ;'I'm really happy with our up- tempo game," said Coach Dan Cumberland after the game, "I wanted to see that the 3 didnt let down and they didn't." TERM CLASSES IN IUILLE i tac Red I)cxils traveled to Crescent ("it\\;, ('aldbrnia to com- pete in the annual tournament knon as the "13attic at the Bor- der" lcaturing some of the best teams lrom southern ()rcgon and Northern ('alilornia. The top ten teams in the sixteen team event tcrc: I - l)cl Nortc 241,2 - l,cba- non 232, 3 - ('oquillc 20(,, 4 - .Xrcata 163 5, 5 - 1]rx&ings !.54, (, - Illinois Vallcx 140.5, 7 - XlcKinlc, llle 134, 8- South I'ork 87.5, 9 - North Vallc 3 72.5, 10 - 1 "urcka 61. (;oquiilc's strength as in its depth as 11 of their 13 varsi b tvrcs- tlcrs who entered in the tournament ended up placing. Top placers Ior Big Red included l'xim (hmez - 2nd, K31c (?rutchficld - 2nd, and Ben Frasicr - 2nd Six ('oquille restlcrs r t ' the consolation bracket (3rd place) -John l)cSoto, .l.l). l)argis, Scott Ilamilton, Ronnic l:ishcr, Joc ('ranston, and Jesse Gardner. Rsan Sammis, Alberto ('ortez, Isidro I,edezma, and Tim .Xshton came in filth All of this came at a lime hcn Coquillc had two members ol their varsit3 lineup absent taking SA'I tests (K31e Thaxton and Jered Thommen) and tro out xith inju- ries (returning league champion, lhaid (;rangcr and senior .lake Thurman.) But that didn't seem to distract this )oung team that m- eludes tx chc sophomores. The Red l)cx ils take the second step in their season this vcck as thc3 host their on tournament on Frida 3 at the CIIS g3m. Reed- sport. Suthcrlin, 13andon, and Nollh Xallc 3 x ill in ado the home l)cvils' turf to'challenge them for the Ctluiilc Invitational Tourna- ment title. \\;Xrcstling starts at 3:00 PNI. and should conclude bx 8:)0 P..kl. with ho varsit 3 mats and one JV mat. Sp,rl Wrih'r The 1,ad\\; l)cvils took on the Suthcrhn Bulldogs Saturda3 night m the ('llS g3 mnasium .\\;licr a long evening el difficult pla 3, the l)cx ils came out .lUSt behind - los- ing 42 - 33. Kelsc 3 ( ;cdcros led ellthe seer-. ing lot the ! )c his vith an casx tvo points. The Bulldogs then man- aged tx points o[ their on Both teams traded scores and then, near the end of the quarter, i,;rln I )aughcrt 3 scored a breaka a 3 t o points after a steal. Jenn 3 Jones had sccral strong dclcnsive pla 3 s during the quarter l'he first quar- eight points and Suthcrlin six points. In the second quarter the lad 3 I)cvils stepped up their intensity and dominated Suthcrlin Erin I)aughcrt 3 hit nothing but net from a outside Ior three points earl3  in the quartc Immediatcl3 for !o mg 1 )aughcrt"s score, (;cderos scored another to p,mts off ,,ta steal, llalf'a3 through the quar- ter, l imilx (;rami scored a lrcc- throxs after benng Ioulcd whdc at- tempting a la 3up. .\\; lcv posses- sions later, (icdcros brought the ball back from the Bulldogs' side elthe court, penetrated the defend- ors and made a iayup A minute later, 1)aughert3 scorcd a quick two Ix,ints. \\;X'ith thirty seconds left in the hall, (;rami made another free- throv. The Bulldogs then man- aged their sole set)re of the quarter but then fouled Gcderos who made a free-throw with a second remain- ing in the hall The second hall showed some- what less intcnsi b than the second quarter. (Yoach Jocl NlcPheetcrs noted that it seemed like, "the ('o- quillc girls didn't show up for the second hall." 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